Gazelle Friiik

Gazelle Friiik

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I own a Gazelle Friiik. I decided to put some information about this bicycle on this webpage as there is very little information available on the internet about this bicycle. This bicycle has a single arm rear wheel mounting. Originally it had a conventional double sided front fork. I thought it was more consistent to have a single sided front fork, so I made one. I used a single sided Sturmey Archer dynamo drum brake hub. I fitted a different handle bar and saddle. I converted the integral rear light from battery powered to dynamo powered. Below is a picture how I bought the bicycle (second hand).














The Gazelle Friiik has a special drivetrain: it has an enclosed 7 speed derailleur. The chain case is a structural part that holds the rear wheel and the right bearing of the bottom bracket. This You Tube film shows the driveline:

TestKees over Gazelle Friiik

When I bought my Friiik the driveline needed some attention (this was the reason for the previous owner to sell it). Gazelle does not provide spare parts, but it appears that Gazelle used a lot of standart parts. The bottom bracket bearings are common industry deep grove ball bearings. The rear sprockets are mounted as a cassette:


















Although it is a 7 speed derailleur, the rings between the rear sprockert have a thickness of 2.56mm. That is a 9 speed size. I have changed the rear sprockets (except for the first and second gear) by using parts of a 9 speed cassette. Originally Sunrace parts are used, my bicycle has now a mixture of Sunrace and Shimano sprockets. This works fine, no problems with shifting. Not shown in the picture above is that the first gear sprocket has a plastic ring attached to prevent the chain from slipping between case and first gear sprocket. This plastic ring will probably only fit a Sunrace 25 tooth sprocket. 

The original rear sprocket sizes are: 11-13-15-18-21-23-25. If I have understood correctly from another Friiik owner, it is not possible to fit a larger first gear sprocket. When I renewed the rear sprockets, I kept the ratios original. But in my opinion the steps between 4, 5 and 6 are fairly large.

The chain needs to be a 9 speed item. The original chain on my bicycle was allready replaced by the previous owner, but the "missing link" of the replacement chain was streched very much and that has caused premature wear on the most used rear sprockets. When I changed the chain, I made the new one the same amount of links as the one to be replaced (100 links). That appeared to be wrong:



























In lowest gear there was a rattle in the chain case. An (unused!) piece of the chaincase was too close to the chain. The Dremel helped me out, but the correct amount of links is probably 102. It is fine to put a lot of grease on the sprockets and chain as the drive line is enclosed. There won't be sand sticking in the grease. 

The driveline is highly efficient (better than a 7 or 8 speed hub gear) and very low maintenance. It is a perfect commuter and city bicycle and (in my case) with both wheels single sided attached it is very easy to change tires.