Panda Elettra

Panda Elettra 1992

We own a 1992 Fiat Panda Elettra. We bought it in 2013 as a "project". It had only 7700 km on the odometer.












































Originally it had lead acid batteries...

In the front:












And in a big steel box at the rear. Is had no rear seats.












I converted it to lithium ion batteries (LiFePO4). In total 96V nominal (originally it was 72V nominal) and 200Ah. I fitted a battery management system (BMS) and an 2.5 kW Elcon charger. The motorcontroller and DC-DC converter are still the original ones.























With the new batteries rear seats were possible.












Still original paintwork. After a lot of cleaning and polishing...























We use the car as a daily driver. The 96V instead of 72V gives more top speed. For further top speed gain the gearbox is changed from an 750 Fire 4 speed to a 1000 Fire 5 speed item. Top speed is now in the order of 100 km/h, the range is in the order of 100km to 160km. At the time of writing this (2019) the odometer is reading over 55000km and the Panda is still going strong.